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    Looks like a bug in RoboHelpX6 - CSS

      I have been working in RoboHelpX6 on some CSS - Initially I updated an existing CSS, and changed the font that was being used. Was using Tahoma and changed it to Verdana, when I did this the CSS lost the word wrap. I then went and created a new CSS from scratch, stated it out with Tahoma like the first one, everything worked fine. Went in and changed the font to Verdana and again lost the word wrapping!!!

      Any reports on this yet?
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          RoboHelp x5 rewrote CSS as well. I'm pretty sure they think it's a feature.

          The workaround I developed involves authoring/editing the .css files outside RH, keeping them under version control, and reverting them whenever RH tries to change them, plus copying clean .css files over the rewritten ones after projects have been generated.

          Note that for every stylesheet fname.css you have, RH will create a supposed "Netscape" version of the stylesheet called fname_ns.css. Again, I'm pretty sure they think this is a feature. Unless you like the way the _ns.css version looks on Netscape/Firefox/whatever, you will want to copy your clean fname.css over fname_ns.css as well.

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            Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
            Well, for starters, there is no version of RoboHelp labeled "X6". Many call it that, but it's actually just "6".

            Sorry, I have nothing to add regarding the font stuff.
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              HKabaker Level 2
              Do I understand correctly that you are editing within the css file, outside of RoboHelp?

              Or did you change something in RoboHelp and then open the css file to look at it?

              What tool are you using to view (and edit?) the css file?


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                kbuckner Level 1
                All work is being done inside of RH. I created the CSS in RH and am viewing the HTML files that I applied it to in RH.