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    Graphics Artifacts when working in PE9 timeline


      I am having graphics issues when running primiere elements 9.  When i try to work in the timeline mode, whenever i move a track along the timeline to re-order/ extend/ close gaps...... I cant see what i am doing because other graphics come up on the screen.  This seems to be a classic grapics card + software issue where you get overlapping graphics, tracers, and the like.


      The problem dosent come up in the 'sceneline' mode of editing but as soon as i go to the timeline and try to change anything the grapics go nutz.  The artifacts seem to go away if i switch to back to sceneline then back to timeline again, but again if i change anything... more graphics artifacts.


      Quite frustrating.

      Any suggestions?



      My system details

      DELL XPS M1530
      Processor:  Intel core 2 duo T5550 @ 1.83GHz
      Ram:  3GB
      32 Bit OS
      Windows Vista SP1
      Graphics:  NVIDIA GeForce 8400M GS
      Graphics driver:
      Driver Date:  6/16/2009

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          nealeh Level 5

          The most likely culprit is out of date graphics driver (most recent version for your card is 266.58 WHQL dated 18th Jan 2011), an old QuickTime version, or insufficient disk space. Work through the following basics to see if your problem goes away. Especially note the 'Got A problem' link as that will tell you what other information you should supply including more details about your hardware (e.g. disk sizes, format, free defragmented space ...).

          • Install all Windows Updates.

          • Install latest version of Apple QuickTime (v7.6.9 at time of writing). Even if you don't use QuickTime, PRE relies heavily on it.

          • Install most recent graphics and sound drivers from the manufacturers web sites.
          • Install PRE9 v9.0.1 update.
          • Delete BadDrivers.txt (in Windows 7 this is likely at C:\ProgramData\Adobe\Premiere Elements\9.0\BadDrivers.txt)
          • Run Disk Cleanup.
          • Run Defragmenter.
          • Reboot your PC.
          • Temporarily disable any anti-virus realtime scanning.


          And give us some information about your clips and hardware:


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            the_wine_snob Level 9

            Also, can you post a screen-cap of what you are seeing?


            This ARTICLE will give you tips and one workflow.


            I also agree that you should update that driver. Itis probably at least 10 versions old.


            Good luck,