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    TLF changing font

    alexandre.roitman Level 1

      Hey folks,

      I've received a .fla file with classic textfields.

      When I change the type of the textfield from classic to TLF, the font changes automatically to _serif (but in the 'Family' field, I still have the font I had before).

      For instance, the font I'm trying to use is "(NarkisBlockMFMedium) NarkisBlockMF MediumA" - this is the font I receive with the FLA.

      I can see the text with that font but when I change to TLF, in the stage I see actually the font _serif despite the proprerties of the textfield showing font family "NarkisBlockMF ".

      I've tried to play with all the properties and also did embed the fonts, checked all checkboxes etc.

      This is actually happening inside the Flash IDE, I am not talking about font changing their type in runtime or dynamicly changing text.

      Can anyone give me a tip of how can I fix this?