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    open search-field (STRG+F) and mark words dynamicly

    Michael Hilscher




      an customer wishes to open the search-field which is shown after hitting strg+f automatically when opening his pdf documents. Is there an javascript snippet or some startup options to get this task done? It has to work also in the browser plug-ins of acrobat reader.



      if the pdf is downloaded via an search form, the customer whishes to mark the searched words in the pdf as if they where searched via strg+f manually.


      Can i do something like this:

      a) write search words as metadata "Stichwörter" (not sure if it's called "glossary words" in the english version of Acrobat) dynamicly in an copy of the file with php. I tried to do this via search+replace with an prepared file - it did modified it as i expect but i destroyed the encoding and the PDF wasn't viewable anymore.

      b) read the "Stichwörter" metadata with an javascript snippet and mark them in the File dynamicly?


      It isn't possible to create the PDF File from scratch easily with the free PHP libs 'cause they are "searchable" Scans of Documents and the OCR recognition isn't perfekt.



      There is an little budget to get this task done. So if i could'nt solve it by myself, my customer would apretiate your offers.