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    Adding Watermark in Batch Mode


      Hello All,

      I have the following problem that requires attention. I need to send out newsletters via emaik to my clients, and I wish to deter them from forwarding it further. A good solution would be to have my client's email address pasted as a watermark across each page of the newsletter he receives in his inbox. This way it will make him difficult for him to forward it arnd without hiding the identity


      Given that the same newsletter needs to goto all the clients, I believe I would need to run a script which will do the following


      - Take the first email address from my list.

      - Paste it across each page of the newsletter

      - Send email

      - Repeat Steps


      Can you let me know how will I go about doing it ? Do I need to buy Acrobat Professional ? Or is it possible to do so with open source pdf libraries.


      Currently, my application (i,e sendmail etc) is all built on coldfusion

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          Dave Merchant MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          To use batch processing you'd need Acrobat Pro, but automating the creation of a large number of copies, each with a unique watermark, is not particularly simple nor efficient. You couldn't use Acrobat on the server (it's prohibited in your EULA), so you'd have to upload all the duplicates yourself, which is frankly more work than sending out the emails by hand.


          There are a number of server-side PDF libraries available (in Java, PHP, etc.) which can open an existing file, add some text, and tunnel the output to the server's email engine. Most of them can apply security to the PDF too, for example to restrict copying or editing, but if your original PDF contains advanced features (video, forms, etc) some of the free libraries (such as FPDF) won't cope, as they can only handle the earlier PDF versions.

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            rookiecoder Level 1

            Thank You. I have used ezpdf and fpdf when working on PHP.


            However, the current environment settings are MS-SQL , IIS, and Coldfusion 8.


            On doing a google search, I came across "QuickPDF" as well and saw some sample code in adding watermark. For my above requirements, and environment settings which library would be the best option ? Don't mind shelling out a few dollars as well incase the library is not feee