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    Export to XDCAM HD 422


      Hi everyone


      Is there any way to export a project as XDCAM HD? There seems to be a preset for it but everytime i try to copy the rendered clip back on a xdcam hd machine via PDZ-1 and FTP it keeps giving me an error about an invalid file structure. All updates are installed.


      As a test i grabbed i file right from the disk and imported it into Premiere Pro which worked like a charme. Now i shortened it to a clip of a minute and eported that with the Premiere xdcam hd 422 50i setting (same as the original). So it just import, cut and export but it still keeps giving me that error report.

      Am i missing anything or doesn't it work just like that out of premiere?

      If it doesn't it should do with the MainConept Codec Pack shouldn't it?


      Thanks a lot in advance!