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    Help starting new flash program




      Firstly sorry for being a newbie, never really dealt with flash before but am pretty computer savvy so hopefully this wont be too difficult.


      Basically my son is getting really interested in designing websites, and using flash player in them. He has seen a really good website that has a type of ebay style market place on it that is all flashplayer designed. He would like to try and imitate this on his website.


      Is there any way to view the code/script that this website is using for the flash and see how it works?


      Thanks for any help

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          Ned Murphy Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Chances are it will be too complex for someone new to even try.  The better way to approach this is to see what that site does and attack learning to create each piece of it one at a time, just like an experienced professional would. 


          But if you/he want to try, here's the basics of what you'd be dealing with...  The source of a Flash file is an fla file, which creates the swf file that you see on the web.  So you first need to acquire the swf files that are used in the site, which may or may not involve a few.  The html page code will identify the main file used, but it may load others and you won't know that until you break down the main one and turn it into an fla.  To break it down you will need to acquire a decompiler... which is where part of the problem with reverse engineering lies...  they don't necessarily produce a working version and usually have generic coding which makes for difficult reading/translation.

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