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    Can't reader extend with a 256-bit encrypted form


      I'm using Licycle Server 8.2 and a form built in Designer 9.0, design protected with 256 bit encryption.  When I go to reader extend the file, I am prompted to enter the correct password, I do, but it doesnt unlock.  I am then pompted over and over again to enter the password (see screen shot).


      Do I have to upgrade the server to 9 in order to reader extend a 256 bit encrypted form?


      Please someone help



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          wcy li

          I got the same issue as chanchac. I use Acrobat Pro XI to do the encrypt the form with compatibility as "Acrobat X and later" which leads to a 256-bit AES encryption.


          And then I use LiveCycle ES3 Server 10.0 to do the reader extension. But I got the same message "Please enter a password that will unlock these documents or choose skip."


          I know this issue would not happen if I choose the compatibility as "Acrobat 7.0 and later" (128-bit AES encryption). But my company decided to support Acrobat X and later only.


          Please help to provide some solutions or alternatives... Thanks.

          Many appreciate if anyone can help!