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    Adobe Reader X Crashes after filling a specific form field


      I've recently upgraded to Adobe Reader X on some of our systems.  Now I have a user unable to fill out a form without reader crashing.  I've duplicated the issue on my PC, and confirmed that the form is functional with Reader 9.4.1 running on another system.


      The pdf we're having issues with is here:



      Usersa re able to fill out everything up to the field #21, titled "Billed Amount".  When a dollar amount is entered in this field, adobe reader crashes.  If I skip this field, reader also crashes when a dollar amount is entered in field #22, Allowed amount.  All other fields on the page can be filled out without issue.


      This document does seem to do some data verification as you leave a field, checking to confirm the data entered is the right number of digits, alpha or numeric, dates in the correct format, etc.  I suspect whatever type of checks it's trying to do on these two dollar amount fields must be causing the error. 


      Is this a bug in how Reader X handles forms created in previous versions of acrobat?  Short of asking for the form to be updated, is there anything I can do to make this work with Reader X, or do I need to roll back to version 9 for now?