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    Jumpy/Jerky Video when exported


      Hi all. New member here.


      I'm working on a project for my company which involves some video stuff, but when I export the composition, it's very jumpy and jerky.

      The audio playback is fine, but with the video, it seems to repeat frames, or skip them entirely.

      For example, one man is talking and walking along, then suddenly for 1 frame it will show a frame from 5 frames ago, then it will freeze for a split second, then show alternating frames over and over, then jump and catch up with the audio briefly, then jump back again to 1 second ago, then repeat the frames over and over etc again.

      When I'm exporting the video I can see it doing this slowly. It just seems to be picking random frames from points in the comp and inserting them.

      I'm exporting the video as Quicktime/Mpeg4 (or Jpeg 2000). I've tried doing it as a WMV also, but the same problem occurs.

      It was HD footage, but scaled down to 600x329


      I'm running CS4 on a HP Mobile Workstation, Windows XP with a Intel Core2 Duo CPU, T9600@2.80GHz, 2.79GHz & 4gb Ram

      Not the best machine in the work I know, but work wont to upgrade it.


      The client require the video by 4pm tomorrow, and I'm out of ideas.


      Thanks in advance.