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    Best practices for a large application

    aceinc Level 1
      I have an existing application that is written in character based Oracle Developer and has many forms and reports. A few years ago I converted an inquiry portion of the system to standard ASP, this portion has about 25 pages. Initially I want to rewrite the Inquiry portion in Flex (partly to teach myself flex), but eventually (soon) I will need to convert the remainder of the application, so I want a flexible and robust framework from the beginning.

      So far for fun I wrote a simple query and I like what I have done but I realized that trying to write the entire application in a single script with hundreds of states would be impossible. The application is a fairly traditional type app with a login script, a horizontal menu bar and panels that allow data entry, queries and reports. In Oracle and ASP each "panel" is a seperate program and is loaded as needed. I see advantages in this approach, and would like to continue it (creating as much reusable stuff as possible).

      So where can I find documentation, and or examples on the best practice in laying out a framework for what will eventually be a sizeable app?

      BTW, what about the ever present problem of writing reports?