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    Enocoding Time questions

    mentlity Level 1

      I have a Mac Pro  with Quad core with10 gigs of ram. I have to encode a Premiere project which is about  52 minutes. size is 720 x 480 and want to encode for a dvd so quality is high. Setting is  DVD (not Blu ray) approx how long will this take to encode?


      What are if any remedies to encode faster?


      Video card would make a difference?




      obviously encoding whlie doing other tasks will slow it up so I should do when my comp is idle correct?





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          Harm Millaard Level 7

          Somewhere between here and eternity. Probably a bit longer, maybe twice eternity, because it is a MAC.


          Questions like this are completely meaningless without details.


          Can you answer me how long my travel time will be going from Istanbul to Paris?


          Whatever answer you give, it is wrong, because you did not calculate in that I travel by foot, bicycle, car, train, boat, plane and/or a combination, with or without stop-overs, during rush hour or not, you forgot factors like customs at the Albanian or Servian borders, enticing hotels on the road, etc.


          How to ask questions the smart way

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            mentlity Level 1

            I get your point, here are some specifics


            Adobe Media Encoder settings


            Premiere project to:

            F4v - web medium (flash 9.0 or higher)

            360 x 264


            Codec main concept H.264


            level 4.0

            bit rate vbr 1 pass


            The clip rendering is only 2:00 minutes ( I cut it )


            The time is telling me 35:00 min to finish


            is that about right?


            Seems like a lot of time to encode a 2 minute flv.



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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              You start with a demanding codec and export to F4V. That is time consuming and you may be plagued by missing hardware MPE. So, in all the 35 minute indication does not surprise me.