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    CS4 vs CS5 compatibility issue with columns[0]

    TᴀW Adobe Community Professional & MVP



      I've run into a problem.


      I have a CS4 script that has this line:


      myLines = myTextFrame.columns[0].lines.everyItem();


      This gave me a simple way to access all lines in a text frame that are on the edge of the frame, and ignore any lines in columns.


      In CS5, if a paragraph in a text frame has span columns on, then columns[0] only returns the lines until the first span paragraph.


      In other words: myTextFrame.columns.length in CS4 would return 1 if there are no columns.


      But in CS5, if there are no columns but one of the paragraphs is split into 2, myTextFrame.columns.length returns 4.


      Given this, the question is: Is there a quick way to get all lines in a textframe that are in the leftmost column in CS5?


      Thank you,