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    Open pdf hyperlink in Word (Adobe reader X)


      I recently tested some hyperlink that one of my user did.


      its a basic document, Office 2003. (.doc)

      Whenever i click on the hyperlink to open a PDF, it take about 2-4 min for adobe to open up and show the document.

      So i tested a bit to find out what is happening and this is what i found.


      Word 2003 or 2010 + adobe X = 2-4 min to open a hyperlink from the word document to the actual PDF file.

      there is no spike in the CPU or any indication that adobe is working. The system just stay idle for some time.


      if i replace adobe X with Foxit reader, everything is fine.

      if i replace adobe X with adobe 9.4, everything is fine.

      if i replace office with openoffice, everything is fine.


      i Tried on 2 different system and i came with the same results.

      both test system were Win XP pro SP3


      All adobe installation were set to default. No settings were changed after.


      So right now i had to downgrade some adobe X installation to make it work correctly.


      Is anyone else experiencing this problem ?