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    sqlite db, linked combo boxes

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      This is me crying 'Uncle'


      I've looked everywhere for the past several days.


      I have a sqlite db with several tables. This problem was much easier to solve in Flash cs5, than it seems to be in Flex 4. I'm making a series of select statements to populate combo boxes. The value grabbed from the first combobox feeds the select statement to fill the second combobox. The select statements access different tables or combinations of tables, so the dataProvider has to be different for each combobox, else I lose the ability to use the data in the first combobox. In Flash, it's fairly easy to make a series of change event handlers to do this while maintaining the data in each combobox. But the dataProvider/arrayCollection objects in Flex are confusing me.


      So, in essence. I have the first combobox listing authors. The second combobox has book titles by said authors. These are 2 different tables. How would I select the author in the first CB, and have it load in those authors books in the second CB?