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    FlexBuilder 3 and ASP.NET issues and suggestions

    Shiv_Kumar Level 1
      1. "bin" folder contents are not servered by ASP.NET so the default settings don't work. One has to change the "bin" folder to something else

      2. We use Team System for version control. Having the swf and other files compile to VS.NET project folders causes numerous issues particularly to do with read only files. Point in fact, I'd like to be able to use Team System for our Flex projects as well. So my question is: How would I achieve this and/or what are Adobe's plans in this regard.

      3. One is not able to change the name of the subfolder folder in which Flex will compile/save required files. All our Flex SWF files are in a sub folder (sub folder from the root of the web application) called Flex. Currently, the subfolder needs to be named that same as the Flex Builder project. Can we have the flexability to name this folder what we want?

      4. In the event that there is going to be no integration with Team System, I'd like only the SWF and html files compiled/saved to a sub folder of my ASP.NET website root and not all the other files. Will this be doable?