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    Glitchy video on CS5 - new to editing

    Doug Dylgon

      I imported video off my camera into Adobe Premiere Pro CS5. I am fairly new to editing with this system and have very little knowledge of how it works. I have been working my way through the tutorials, but cannot seem to figure out this latest problem.


      The video that I import into Adobe and put into my timeline seems fuzzy and glitchy. It isn't freezing, but it has an immense amount of grain and "flickers", for lack of a better word. At first I noticed that my sequence and footage had different pixel aspect ratios and frame rates, which I corrected. The problem still persists however.


      There's a possibility - as I'm an amateur in both filmmaking and editing - that this is a problem with the footage itself or how I particularly shot it. However, I've never had this problem before when using cheaper DV cameras and it strikes me as odd that I would get worse footage out of my new HD camera unless I did do something wrong. However, I can't seem to figure out what would cause this within Adobe Premiere Pro CS5 either.


      Any help is greatly appreciated,