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    Transitions between pages

      Just wondering if anybody could help me figure out the best way to create a custom transition between loading external movie files. Basically i have my site setup with buttons for each page, and when the button (link) for a page is hit, it replaces the old Movie File (page) with the new one. The buttons never reload, it just replaces the page with the new external movie file, so i was wondering, is it possible for me to create a custom transition between the two. I dont want it to fade, or checkerboard across or anything like that. Basically i have boxes around all my content, and the way i would ideally like to have it is, the preloader has a box and after the page loads the box expands to show the page. then once a new page is clicked id like the box to shrink hiding the old page and seamlessly having the box turn into the box that is the preloader for the next page and so on. Hope this makes sense :/, lol sorry if it doesn't :). Any help and hints would be great, thank you so much ^^.

      My plan of attack for this seems a bit too inefficient to me, is why i was asking for help. My only thought would be, making an animation at the end of each page that hides the page like i want it to. The buttons send variables to the movie that tell it what the next page is and once the animation is done playing, it uses the variable to load the next page in its place. This seems inefficient though and id prefer not to have to create the transition animation for every single page over and over..lol. Is this on the right track though? any tips on how to make it better? Thx :)

      I know everybody is busy, don't feel like you have to write me a full step by step tutorial if you don't have time (although if you do have time great :P..lol. But head me in the right direction and hopefully il be able to figure it out..lol. Even though I'm new to actionscript i do have SOME programming experience, so hopefully il be able to figure it out if I'm giving some leads..hehe :). Thank you again so much for your time.