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    Are There Undoc'd Command Line Options?

      I love the command line builder. Love it love it love it. Only upgraded RH because of it. Quite possibly, only kept RH because of it.

      That said, I find that there is more I wish I could do with the command line. For example, I'd like to be able to specify a WebHelp "Start page", or a conditional build expression, both of which can be specified when you build from the GUI.

      The help page "Available command prompt options and examples" only lists 6 options, as does the command line documentation. However, I know that there is a fair amount of arcane knowledge floating around these forums and I'm holding out hope that there are additional, undocumented command line options that somebody can spill the beans on.

      (Because, I mean, really. When did you last meet a dual-interface system where the command line was less powerful than the GUI?)

      crossing fingers