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    "Error getting license. License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USE


      I've also had problems with this.  I was on the chat line about

      5 different times trying to figure it out, but Adobe chat is worthless. If they can't fix it my using their script notes, they refer you right back to the

      begining.  Ater trying several times, I found out that Adobe had downloaded the ADE using an old sign on email address that had nothing to do with my nook.

      I continued (silly me) to try to unload & then download the software, changed my email address on Adobe & my Nook and it still doesn't work.

      They opened up a tech ticket because I couldn't close out the session and sign back in- I figured it out because the chat line was still open & as soon as I

      logged completely out and back in, I went right back in correctly.  I'm about ready to write the CEO with how incompetant their customer service is (from a 34d world country?) but it probably won't do any good.


      I think my next try will be on our desktop with has Windows 7- my laptop has XP.

      I've asked the Library if they could help me & tonight they gave me the directions I had gotten the first time.  This is the only reason I bought a Nook was so that I could download free books to read.  I'm about ready to turn it in & get a Kindle. I understand they are catching up with Nook in the amount of books they are getting and they're the same prices.

      Any help you can offer me, I'd appriciate.