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    Editing Curved Text in fireworks

    abhishek77 Level 1
      in fireworks, when i edit curved text from a psd file originally created within photoshop, the text loses its curve and becomes straight. Is there a way around this?

      This happens when i change font type, size or add more characters to it.
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          abeall Level 3
          No, what's happening is the text is using the original render created from PhotoShop. But as soon as you edit it in Fireworks, Fireworks re-renders the text. The problem is there is currently a lot of incompatibility between PhotoShop and Fireworks when it comes to text. Let's hope there are some PhotoShop-Fireworks text integration improvements in the future for Fireworks! -- put your vote here:

          In what way is the text curved? You can attach text to a curved path in Fireworks, so it might be possible to recreate the effect.
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            abhishek77 Level 1
            The only issue with text is when its curved when editing a psd file even created within fireworks or photoshop. however editing curved text saved as a png file within fireworks works fine. Other than that i feel fireworks is a great and light tool.