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    End-2-end sample Cairngorm3 application with Maven

    Pham Huy Anh Level 1



      I am setting up a project using "best of breed" technologies "Flex-Spring-Hibernate" with Maven support, just like our great "todo sample" http://opensource.adobe.com/svn/opensource/cairngorm3/trunk/samples/todo.

      But my skill is just so limited so I can't do it by myself. I need a sample to follow (even copy/paste). All I need is something like our "todo sample" on its own (not an application inside cairngorm3 source code).


      If you have or saw something like that, please tell me.




      P/S: side question: I built the todo app successfully then deploy to tomcat. But I got a empty screen when I run it. I guess I miss some installation steps. I searched for the installtion guide but couldn't find one. Please share me if you have the guide

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          ledroff Adobe Employee

          There were a few issues indeed with maven and the version of the sdk we used in the sample.
          I just fixed by comitting a few upgrades in the builds:

          * we migrated the todo sample to flex-mojos 4 (you'll have to migrate to maven3 as well)
          ** This change was tested with maven 3.0.2.
          * and the flex sdk to


          Please note that as mentioned in the flexmojos docs in addition, there is one JAR (AIR development tools) that is packaged with the Flex SDK but is not open source.
          Because of this, flexMojos cannot host this artifact. To build from source, you will need to install this artifact into your own private repo:
          mvn install:install-file -DgroupId=com.adobe.flex -DartifactId=adt -Dversion= -Dpackaging=jar -Dfile=adt.jar


          This JAR is bundled with the Flex SDK, which is freely available from: http://opensource.adobe.com/wiki/display/flexsdk/Downloads


          This changes (cf. http://forums.adobe.com/thread/788583?tstart=0 ) should fix the issue you were facing with our todo sample.
          If you still have any, feel free to ping us again.


          Meanwhile there's also a very nice and very simple sample on sonatype docs presenting the maven/java/flex stack (but without cairngorm) :

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            Pham Huy Anh Level 1

            I replied directly to your thread (it didn't work yet). BTW, I would like to ask you (or anyone else) 2 questions:

            - Do you guys have any plan of separating todo_sample from cairngorm 3 source code? So far its pom.xml extends from cairngorm3 source code. Yes, I know, it is reusability but I think it is not so portable.

            - Has anyone configure the whole app on Eclipse? I tried but the project types are not recognized properly by Eclipse (helios). I tried "mvn flexmojos:flexbuilder" as well, it makes Eclipse uses maven dependencies and recognizes the project type. But still I got many build  path error.


            I hope there will be a complete guide for this cool sample soon.



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              ledroff Adobe Employee
              • I recently publish a fork of this todo sample in git cf. https://github.com/Adobe-TXI/cairngorm3-todo-sample

              • The flashbuilder files are committed  just use them

              • As for the java project files you may use M2eclipse to generate them

              • a complete guide, that will come: what kind of stuff are looking for in this guide ?