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    Issues in RoboHELP 5 project imported in new RoboHELP 9


      I've imported a project from RoboHELP 5 to RoboHELP 9 and i need to generate a Microsoft HTML Help (chm) file but I'm having some trouble. The system I'm using is Windows 7 64 bit.


      1) I've defined a stylesheet css file linked to all my topics. Inside the html editor all topis are shown correctly. Also in preview window they are right ... but in the generated help some pages (not all!) lose the link to css file. To correct this issue I need to open in editor and focse saving for any involved page, the problem is that I've hundred of pages in the project!


      2) This is the most frustrating issue. When the help is opened directly from the chm file I've no problems, but if the help is opened by our software for the contextual help, I get this error:



      Translating from Italian: the error is "Property or method not supported by the object"


      Does anyone has a solution for these issues?


      Thank in advance.