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    Upgrade problems

    John (SLS Publicity) Level 1

      I am puzzled.  I am having similar problems to other people in that the Adobe updater thinks I am due an update although if I check the help option it states I  have version 5.0.3 (005 (MC: 218798)) which to me implies I actually have the  latest release 5.0.3.  However when the Adobe updater runs, either  routinely for all my products in Master Suite or forced from within  Premiere itself as suggested in another thread, it identifies I need an update and  then tries to instal a large update.  System runs for 15 mins or so then  fails,  There is a fix the problems below message shownlisting just the update but no other problem  is shown.


      The paid for version is a disk based instal.  I did have a trial downloaded version installed  before I bought the suite to test it ran on my PC.  Do I need to  uninstal that version as it it that now time expired electronic download version it is trying to update?  Any advice welcome