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    Feature request: Design Time CSS

    vdwpeter Level 1
      While Flex Moxie has a lot of cool new enhancements for designers, and a lot of effort has been put into CSS design view & other skin/gfx import magic, there's still a critical feature missing: Design Time CSS (just like in Dreamweaver).

      As long as you don't link to the same global gfx.css in the many mxml files a Flex Builder project can have, you won't see the styles in action while developing/designing a certain mxml file. You have to put <"mx:Style source="gfx.css"> in every mxml file in order to get the real WYSIWYG design view experience. A finished project just needs one link to gfx.css in order to get compiled, not a link in every mxml file. But this reference is needed in every file, if you want to know how a specific mxml will look like.

      I currently have a project with over 50 nicely designed mxml files all sharing one global gfx.css. The compile time & final swf filesize difference is enormous between a project which only has one reference to <"mx:Style source="gfx.css"> or 50 references. The compile time can be up to 10 times longer, while the filesize triples, for no reason at all. The compile time in Flex 3 M2 doesn't show any difference for this project, in comparison to Flex Builder 2.

      The current workflow for a designer is therefor a manual hassle of adding and removing <"mx:Style source="gfx.css"> lines in the many mxml files (including the correct path adjustments when mxml files are buried in dir structures), just to preview, speed up and optimize compiling.

      So, being able to just use a or multiple specific CSS file(s) during design view on a single mxml file or global Flex project, which will be ignored when compiling, is a much needed feature for designers/developers, in order to solve the above usability & slow performance issues.

      The DreamWeaver team knows exactly what I mean :).

      Who's with me?
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          winsha C Adobe Employee

          Flex Builder should be picking up the css file linked into your main application and applying them to your custom mxml components in Design View. Are the 50 mxml files components or other applications? What file do do you have set as the main application for your project? It would be great if we could get a small sample project that reproduces this problem.

          Flex Builder Team
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            vdwpeter Level 1
            Hi Winsha,

            We're dealing with one application here, index.mxml being the main on the root. All other mxml files are used as components, and it's a mixture of components embedded into others, all in different folder structures, and they are not on the root dir.

            I'll try to come up with a sample project to show that the main css file is not being picked up in design view by the components, it is only being picked up when compiling.

            If it matters: We use a css file with advanced graphical skins, so most standard css will get replaced by movieclips coming from a single skin.swf
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              vdwpeter Level 1
              Hi Wincha, I've send you a PM with more details & a sample app.