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    ACR won't save files other than in original file folder.

    gingerdee1 Level 1

      This has just started.  All was fine until now.  I recently was working on several files in camera raw.  Went to save files but discovered that I am unable to save the image, no matter what file format I choose -- TIFF, PSD or JPG -- unless I put it in the original folder it came from.  For example, I would choose Save Image from ACR, then Save in New Location, then Select Folder, choose another file folder (say Desktop) and then it would try to save it but would tell me the file could not be created.  If I choose Save in Same Location, everything works fine.  I AM able to open the RAW file in Photoshop and Save it from there.  As I said this is happening all of a sudden.  I am working with Vista 64 bit and with Photoshop 64 bit.  I tried using the 32 bit program but the same thing happens.  Any suggestions or should I just completely uninstall and reinstall?  I have checked and have all the latest updates for both Photoshop and ACR.  Thanks.