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    MovieClip Problem

      Ok, not sure if this is the right category for this post or not. But here is the problem; I will try to describe it as best I can.

      I need to get this problem fixed. Basically, I have a movie (aka MainMovie) with a MovieClip (SubMovie) in the libary. Once the MainMovie gets to a certain frame, it stops. Than frame I have dropped in the SubMovie. Although the MainMovie has stopped, the SubMovie needs to play and run actionscript within itself (while the MainMovie stays stopped/paused). I have tried this and I am not having much luck.

      Is there something I can do in Actionscript to do this? I know about the flash.display.MovieClip property. I have tried just using the following code within the SubMovie inorder to stop, start, and jump frames ONLY in the SubMovie; MainMovie staying still. In the libary properties for the SubMovie, I "Export for Actionscript"

      But of course, that doesn't work. Any Ideas?

      FYI: Using Flash CS3