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    Custom OK Field


      I create a "print" button at the top of every one of my documnets.  I create over 100 documents a day.  my company wants it to be on there even though the quick print button is still at the top...so I need to do it.


      -OK field

      -visible but not printed

      -label = PRINT

      -function = link to the print command


      I have to recreate this every time I do a document.


      Is there a way to create a 'custom ok button'  that has these features and ahve it saved so that all I do is carry the saved button down and not have to recreate it every time?


      I don't want to necessarily take away the ability to do a general ok button but have this one available. 


      also it is important to note that I have tried to save the settings as default but they will not save.

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          gkaiseril MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          With Acrobat Professional, you have the ability to batch process files. Within this process you can add a field and modify its properties.


          With any version of Acrobat, you create a menu item or toolbor button that can also run JS code to add and modify a button.


          More information is available in the Acrobat JS API Reference.

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                How do I do that stuff.   I need links to the proper places.  I don't understand how to do any of that.