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    ★ Importing mx framework into an Actionscript Project?

    Yozef0 Level 1

      Hello World,


      I'm working on a project where it would be much easier for me to use components I've been using all along in Flex the the PopupManagers, and other beauties of Flex into this pure Actionscript project.


      At first, I added the folder /Applications/Adobe Flash Builder 4/sdks/3.3.0/frameworks into the Source Path of the project.

      then I,  Command + Space to see my newly imported library of goodies, and surely enough saw my PopupManager in the list


      Though, while trying to run the app, the compiler gave errors:


      Description Resource Path Location Type

      1046: Type was not found or was not a compile-time constant: TitleWindow. App.as /Chaching_SVN/src line 44 Flex Problem

      1120: Access of undefined property PopUpManager. App.as /Chaching_SVN/src line 46 Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.containers:TitleWindow could not be found. App.as /Chaching_SVN/src line 14 Flex Problem
      1172: Definition mx.managers:PopUpManager could not be found. App.as /Chaching_SVN/src line 15 Flex Problem
      1180: Call to a possibly undefined method TitleWindow. App.as /Chaching_SVN/src line 44 Flex Problem