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    What components should I be using?

    _spoboyle Level 4

      Apologies in advance this isn't going to be easy to explain or understand.


      I'm trying to figure out the best way to structure a component for something I am working on.


      List seems the most logically but I do not understand how I would implement an itemrenderer.


      I need a list of entries separated by group headings and then the entries within each group would be separated again by subgroups. and then each enty can be of a different type and will require a different itemrenderer for each.


      e.g. I have a diary and thsi componet will be displayign all the entries in the diary.


      So I would have a list with a custom itemrenderer (MonthRenderer). this MonthItemRenderer would be a List(?) which itsself would have a custom itemrenderer (DayRenderer). This DayRender would be a List again(?) which requires another custom itemrenderer (EntryRenderer) which will use some sort of itemrendererfunction (I think, don't know enough about this yet) which can choose a different item renderer for the different types of entries?


      This seems quite complicated, if you understood me, is it possible to do this way, is there a better way to go about it (maybe a reskinned advanced datagrid or something?) Or should I be looking at Accordian for inspiration for my own custom component?


      Hopefully the image below will demonstrate what I am trying to achieve a little better