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    Saving many entities at the same time with LCDS

    imran_issufo Level 1




      i am new in Adobe Lifecycle Data Service,

      i am using adobe flash builder with and doing model-driven development with LiveCycle Data Services ES,

      I have i dificult about saving two entites at the same time, for example i need to save in data base a invoice and invoice items on a SAVE click

      the model plugin created for me separated forms for each one ... one for INVOICE and another for INVOICE ITEM...i created my own where i introduce invoice details like customer name, etc,

      and i dinamically create items and insert in a editable datagrid where i introduce the quantities for each item.

      My dataservice for both entities are set to autocomit FALSE



      My question is ... how do i save the invoice entity first and relate this invoice with items at the SAVE button click?.

      When i do separaltly(first register the invoice, after one by one register the items) it works fine...