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    Premiere Elements 8 and crashes


      Question:  I have tried all the Adobe recommended fixes due to my NVidia graphics card but my project still regularly crashes and now as soon as it starts loading the elements, it crashes with no error message.


      System:  Windows 7 Professional (x64) (build 7600)

                     2.80 gighertz Intel Core i7 860

                     Multi-core (4 total)

                     Hyper-threaded (8 total)

                     64-bit ready

                     32 kb primary memory cache

                     8192 kb secondary memory cache


                     999.99 Gig Usable Hard Drive

                     748.24 Gig free space


                     Main circuit Board Gigabyte Technology P55M-UD2

                     Bus Clock: 133 MH

                     Bios: Award Software International F11 06/23/2010


                     4 Gig Memory; 2 Gig each in Slot A0 and A2


                      Single ATA Hard Drive     WDC WEd002FAEX-00Z3A0


                    NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS Display Adapter with newest 64 bit driver 266.58


      Assets:   About 300 still images imported from an album in Photoshop elements shot with a Cannon Power Shot a570 IS

                    Stills are at 3072 x 2304 or vice version, RGB, 180 resolution


                    27 short video clips from a Kodak Zi6 converted to avi files by AVS Video Converter


      Project:  I believe the presets are for NTSC DV although I can't get in to check; they've been this way because I usually shoot video with my Sony VX 2100.

      Workflow:  I imported the stills in chronological order preceding the first video.  Then more stills in chronological order before the next relevant video.  I am using the timeline.  After each import I save, add transitions (mostly the cross dissolve), save, and render.  Sometimes after saving rendered files, the system crashes and when I get back in the files haven't been rendered.

           Some vertical stills it accepts just fine.  For some others, I have to rotate them.


      What I have done:  I read all the suggestions from Adobe and the forums for dealing with the NVIDIA card.  This is what I have done in the approximate order I have done it:

           1. Installed the 8.0.1 update

           2. Updted the NVIDIA GeForce 8400 GS driver to the newest 64 bit driver 266.58.  I tried to do this update a couple of times.  The sytem kept telling me the 260 driver was current but the NVIDIA website said to use the 266.58.  I finally got it installed but a little later in the process.

           3. I could not disable the Hardware Acceleration as the NVIDIA card would not let me...the option was grayed out.

           4. I set both the global and the Premiere Elements threaded optimination to off.

           5. I turned off "Enable GPU playback" at one time when I could still get into the program.

           6. I recreated the adobe premiere elments plugincache.

           7. I uninstalled the Nvidia 3D Stereo driver...it was called Stereo not steroscopic.  In the NVIDIA control panel I did not install the Stereoscopic functions.

           8.  I was still crashing frequently. I was getting the low memory message, so I searched the forums and found directions to change the size of the paging file by clicking Start/accessories/run as administrator/enter at the command prompt BCDEDIT/SET INCREASEUSERVA ####.  I started with 3072 then gradually increased as it wasn't helping up to 8000.

           9. I think I finally upgraded the driver to the 266.58 at this point.

          10.  This morning I found directions on how to check the size of the paging file by accessing the control panel.  It showed my paging file was only 4096 (I guess the former advice didn't work) and it changed it to a virtual memory minimum of 8000 and a maximum of 10000.


           Now I can't get into the program at all.  It says it has loaded 100%, then there is a 100 second pause.  It starts loading the media and crashes.


      I love Adobe products and was a former Adobe Premiere 6.5 user. Premiere Elements as described is perfect for me as a video hobbyist.  Please help!  I would welcome any more suggestions that I can try.  Do you think I should just find a replacement for the NVidia board?  If so, what would you recommend.  I tend to do long projects.  I just can't live with all these crashes.



      Tracy Matern


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          the_wine_snob Level 9



          Great job with the details - very well done!


          This should be a "poster-child" for how to state details, and a problem.


          Now, first thing that I see, regarding the crashes are the size of your still images. Overly-large stills require a ton of resources, and can crash the program, and/or the computer. Scaling of the stills to near the Frame Size of the Project will help greatly, and actually improve the quality of the output. This ARTICLE will give you tips.


          Next, with a 64-bit OS, like Win7-64, 4GB of RAM is about the minimum for just the OS. Though PrE cannot use more than the 3.5GB of RAM, as it is still a 32-bit app., but the OS and other programs, certainly can. I would bump that up, if at all possible. Your OS and any other programs, will love you for it.


          Off the top of my head, it sounds like you have got the video sub-system well handled, and would look beyond it (for now), to other factors.


          You might want to see this ARTICLE on setting up a computer for video-editing sessions, and especially the link to Black Viper's Win7 Tune Up Tips Web site.


          Also, check that you have the latest version of Apple's QT Player.


          If necessary, there are more troubleshooting tips, and I'll be glad to share those, if necessary.


          Thanks for the great post, and good luck,



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            TracyMat Level 1

            Hi Mr. Hunt,


            Thanks for the kind words.  I just followed the suggestions on the forum and

            it was such a complicated question I had to include the details.  I will

            check out the information you sent.

            I have one question about the stills.  I know how to batch process them to

            720x 534 using Photoshop Elements but is there a way to tell Premiere

            "replace these stills with these versions" in a batch way instead of one by

            one.  I have 300 stills involved so replacing one by one would be very time

            consuming.  Also when I use Elements to explore and resize, what format is

            the best to save them in---original, jpeg, psd or other?



            Tracy Matern

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              Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

              If you're going to try to replace the ones already in your project, you should save them in the same format. Otherwise, it doesn't matter. With photos, you get pretty much the same results from any format in video.


              Here's one way you can try to batch replace them:


              Close the program. Move your photos from their present location to another folder.

              Move the resized photos (named exactly the same as the originals) into the folder where you used to have your large photos.

              Open your project. The program will automatically swap in the new for the old pictures.

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                the_wine_snob Level 9



                Steve took the words right off my keyboard.


                So long as you have named the files the exact same, and have replaced the source files in the exact same folder, as where the larger images were placed, the links in the PREL (Project) file, should just insert the modified files. The PREL uses absolute Paths, and does not care if those files have changed, so long as the full Path, including file name, and extension has changed. Note: this works with stills, but can get very complicated with AV files, if something major has changed, like the FPS, or the Audio Sample-rate. Then, PrE will likely balk with the new Assets. Stills are simple, and should work every time.


                Now, if you have already added Effects, say Effect>Motion>Scale, you will need to adjust those. Otherwise, all should work just fine.


                Good luck,



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                  the_wine_snob Level 9



                  I hope that you do not mind, but I linked to this thread in my Got a Problem - How to Get Started article in the Tips & Tricks forum. I did that to give users an indication on what is so very useful, and how to outline the system, the Assets, the Project and then the problems. While you are not the first to post with such useful detail, I am not sure that I have seen a better example, either here, or in the PrPro forum. If you have any problems with my linking here, just let me know, and I will have Steve G. remove that link.


                  To many posters think in a minimalist fashion, and then the folk replying have to ask over, and over, for useful details. These usually come one at a time, and by the time that all necessary data has been gathered and processed, the OP has given up and thrown their computer out the window. They also think that the subscribers here are just mean, asking for so much info.


                  If I had the ability to do so, I would award YOU the gold star and the 10-points, just for asking a question properly!


                  Thank you,



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                    TracyMat Level 1

                    Great workaround...will save me a bunch of time.



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                      TracyMat Level 1

                      Hi Bill,


                      Thanks so much for the kind words.  Of course, you can link the message and

                      I accept the award!



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                        the_wine_snob Level 9



                        I have already provided the link to a poster in the PrPro forum, to see what a good post should look like. You deserve the reward!


                        Good luck,