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    Why that I have a "extra" space in my menu bar? Help !!!

    Daniel Ulysses Level 1



      I have a extra space in the menu bar ONLY in explorer 8

      In there, I have a navigation menu that I made in FWCS5


      For the grace of God, I cannot figure it out why it looks like that...


      I got this errors in the Browser Compatibility


      Unsupported value: 'inline-table'

      Affects: Firefox 1.5; Internet Explorer 6.0, 7.0; Internet Explorer for Macintosh 5.2; Netscape 8.0


      Z-Index bug

      Positioned containers define a new stacking order, even when the computed z-index of the container is auto. This can cause positioned children of the container to appear above other positioned elements on the page when they should not.


      Here is a link to my page




      I have post this question in the DW forum but have no get a solution or answer

      I have read the information in the adobe help section but cannot find the solution to the problem


      Hope someone here "Knows" about this issues because the menu was created in FW, and it is cause of the problem


      Thanks a lot




      Daniel Ulysses

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          Jim_Babbage Level 4

          In all honesty, the solution is NOT to use the pop up menu creator in Fireworks. It's fine - possibly - for mock ups, but not final code. I gave up using them in CS3 or maybe earlier than that. Sorry, but that's the hard fact. The code is bloated, dated, not very managable outside of Fireworks and - as you can see - problematic. They will probably produce more headaches for you than anything else.


          There are far better solutions available. Dreamweaver offers a Spry menu widget. While not perfect, it's free, works with Dreamweaver, and far better than the tool in Fireworks. Project Seven sells a variety of attractive, accessible and easy to maintain CSS menu systems on their site.


          Not the answer you may be hoping for, but I hope it still helps.

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            Daniel Ulysses Level 1

            Hola Jim


            Well, I have used the Spry menus, and bought other CSS menu widget, but one problem that I have with both is

            that for some reason (me) when I try to update them, never works, I end up re-doing them all again, and my lack

            of knowlege of CSS (getting better) was always a problem


            I try to use FW, (first time ever) and believe that this may be it.


            Oh well,  I may have to change the menu, because it looks just weird


            Thanks a lot for you honest answer



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              Daniel Ulysses Level 1

              How can I mark this question "Answered"?