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    Can't load an image in flash builder


      Hi, I recently copied my project from one computer to another.  On my old computer, everything worked fine, but on my new computer, when it tries to load images, it gives me this error :


      Error #2148: SWF file http://localhost/MyProject-debug/MyProject.swf/[[DYNAMIC]]/2 cannot access local resource file:///C:/assets/MyImage.jpg. Only local-with-filesystem and trusted local SWF files may access local resources.


      But that's not where it gets REALLY frustrating.  So I changed the location of the image to a bin-debug folder in my project, and it doesn't give me an error anymore... it gives me a broken image icon instead.  The image looks fine in Flex Builder, but when I view it in my web browser, I get a broken image icon!  I know it's pointing to the right spot.  Any idea why this could be?