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    CFHTTP Connection Timeout - only ColdFusion sites on same server



      I have a new issue that developed seemingly overnight.

      I started receivng site errors this morning on CF pages that are using the <cfhttp > tag. After some testing here are the points of interest I've nailed down:


      1. happens on both POST and GET requests
      2. error from email: "The request has exceeded the allowable time limit Tag: cfhttp"
      3. only throwing this error when requesting other coldfusion pages (whether on the same site or another site).
      4. only throwing the error on ColdFusion pages ON THE SAME WEB SERVER (we have one main web server hosting both PHP and CF sites).
      5. I can load .txt, .xml, .html and .php pages without any problems or errors
      6. I can load .cfm pages from other sites on the web
      7. The pages I'm requesting when this error is thrown ARE being processed. One example is a page that updates an RSS feed with the posted data. That file is updating correctly, even when the error is thrown.
      8. Having had DNS related issues with CF before, specifically with scheduled tasks, I manually ran a few that would fall under the "on server" category. They work fine. This problem seems to be isolated to the <cfhttp> tag



      Anyone else having this problem?

      Any ideas?


      Many thanks!