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    Problems closing premier cs5


      After spending about 50 minutes on hold with tech support and not hardly being able to understand the guy. I will post a question on here. I have seen it talked about in these forums, but really did not find an answer. When I use premier and premier help I have noticed multiple instanses of Abobe premier.exe in my processes and it slows my machine down to a crawl. Most of the time they will be showing about 50% cpu usage and I have seen 4 of these at one time. Tech support had me install new video drivers and that did not help. SO I am asking if anyone knows of a fix for this or a patch.

      I am running win 7 64 bit intel dual core procesor 3.16 mhz with 4 gig of ram premier is 5.0.3



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          Kona Bob Level 2

          I can't tell you why you would have 4 instances of Premiere.exe open, but I would suggest that 4GB RAM for CS5.03 is very marginal for good, reliable performance.

          CS5 is very RAM hungery. Probably 8GB is a realistic minimum.

          I have had satisfactory performance and stability with 12GB, but now use 24GB and IMO the entire CS5 Suite is finally providing the performance it was designed for.

          Also, CS5 will perform better with more processor cores. The Intel i7 seems to cover the bases pretty well.