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    broken link, Adobe Flash, Windows Live Messenger

    Jason Doucette

      Whenever I pasted a youtube link into Windows Live Messenger 2011, it changes size (which I hate, how can I stop this?) to play the video, and then says that I need the latest version of Flash, which I already have. So I click the link it provides to get it, and it goes to a "page not found" page on Adobe.com.  So I click the "broken link?" link on that very page (duh! isn't the link already known to be broken if it's displaying a 404? Shouldn't this automatically be sent?), and this leads to a page in which I have to tell it what type of problem I have having (duh again! I just clicked "broken link?", it should just sent the URL off!), then it gives no option for an email form, but asks me to PAY MONEY to call their support (yeah right), or go to the forums, so I go to the forums, then I have to sign up. So I signed up, and now I'm here to report the following:


      -- Windows Live Messenger 2011 does not work with Adobe Flash and refuses to update it with a broken link to Adobe

      - Adobe's website, support, linking is all just a big terrible mess. I can't believe I just wasted 10 minutes of my life doing this.  The only reason is because I am sick of MSN continually telling me something is broken, and I want it fixed.


      Sorry for the harshness, but all the above is just a bit foolish -- just link to the download page, and make sure old links forward!!