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    Decoding artifacts when using Prodad Mercalli V2

    Keith_Andrews Level 1

      This might be better directed to Prodad support, but since it does involve Premiere as the platform, I figured I would give it a try on this forum first.  I am using the plugin Mercalli V2 within a fully updated and fully functional CS5.  My footage is camera original from a Canon 7D DSLR (.mov wrapper using the h.264 codec) and my timeline does match the footage.  With the plugin enabled, I occassionally get some strange decoding artifacts in the timeline when playing back, or scrubbing through the footage, that always appear in the same place (doesn't matter if I restart the program, or computer, or render the timeline).  When I disable the plugin, the artifacts immediately dissappear.  Now, if I export the video from the timeline with the plugin enabled (image, or video clip) the artifacts do not show up in that same place, but sometimes appear now in different parts of the video that weren't there before.  Take a look at the attached image and let me know if any of you have experienced this same issue, which I am assuming is related to the h.264 video footage (and no, I have not tried yet to convert the footage to an intra-frame source). Thanks for the help!


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          Kona Bob Level 2

          I've used Mercalli V2/CS5 quite a lot, but only on Cineform .avi HD clips.

          I've had absolutely no problems/artifacts, etc.

          As you've suggested, it's possibly somehow related to the h.264.mov codec.

          I'm not sure from your post if the artifacts occur only in clips that you have motion stabilized with Mercalli, or if you are seeing problems with non stabilized clips as well.