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    How do I make ACR 4.6 start saving edits to PSDs again?

    M3fan Level 1

      When I develop an image in ACR 4.6 and save it to a psd, the psd looks like the original dng, not the processed image -- no edits are saved even though I use Save Image or Open Image.  It's been working fine for years.  I have the same versions of dng converter and ACR on my Macbook Pro, and it still works fine.  When I did a reinstall, it worked for about one or two files, and then broke again.  I'm running os 10.4.11 on G5, PS 10.0.1,  ACR, Bridge, DNG Converter  One clue might be that if I try to access Bridge's Preferences, Bridge always crashes instantly.  I'd be grateful for any help.  Thanks.

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          Jeff Schewe Level 5

          You say you are having issues with ACR 4.6 but then state your ACR version is Really? If you have ACR 4.6.x correctly loaded, the ACR version should be 4.6.x (I don't remember what the LAST version of ACR was–version number-wise).


          If you can't access Bridge's prefs, you have more significant issues that can be addressed here...note that a PSD file in Bridge depends fisrt on the embedded preview and then is rendered after Bridge parses the actual preview...


          I think you need to do some basic Photoshop/Camera Raw/Bridge troubleshooting to get things up to speed.

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            M3fan Level 1

            Hi Jeff,


            You're absolutely right, it should show as 4.6, and it does.  My error.  The initial inquiry should have read, (and yes, that was the last version for PS 10.0.1).


            However, you have helped me solve my problem.  I changed the ACR Preferences to, "Apply sharpening: to all images" instead of "Apply sharpening: Preview images only".  I'm not sure exactly what that means, but it must have been the default each time I reloaded 4.6.  Or perhaps I changed that without remembering, preventing the developed ACR version being applied to the psd.


            I have no idea why Bridge Prefs crash as soon as I select them in the menu.  Camera Raw Prefs accessed from Bridge don't crash when selected.  I'll try to figure that out separately.


            Thanks very much for your assistance.