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    Adobe Reader X, Problems with Third Party Plug-in



      I have recently upgraded to Adobe Reader X, I am having issues using my third party plug-ins.

         1) With Adode Reader 9.4.1, Plug-ins were available on to the Toolbar, irrespective of the PDF file is opened or not. I was able to customize it through Tools menu item available beside Window menu item.

         2) With Adobe Reader X, Plug-ins are not available when we open Adobe Reader X without any PDF file. Tools menu is not available, only Comment & Share is available.

         3) Plug-ins will be available when we open Adobe Reader X with a PDF file. Tools menu is available along with Comment & Share menus on the top right side of Reader.


      Could you please let me know what I am missing here? Anybody faced this kind of problem?

      Let me know if you want more information regarding the issue.


      Nainesh Modi