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    Troubles in copying a VGroup from one state to another


      Hey there!


      I am trying to build an application where the user can select whatever he wants to appear in his homepage. The user is given a list of checkboxes (with a corresponding label and image to every checkbox). I have kept all three of these items in a Vgroup and now I want to move this Vgroup from one state to another IF the checkBox is selected. Here is my code:



      protected function btn_done_clickHandler(event:MouseEvent):void
                      if (chkbox1.selected == true) {
                          this.group1.currentState = "MainWindow"

                      else if (chkbox1.selected == false) {
                          this.group1.currentState = "AddPeople";



      This code does not show any errors before running but it crashes when this program is run. And it also show the following error report:

      ArgumentError: Undefined state 'MainWindow'


      Can someone please help to identify what I am doing wrong here?