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    Is there a way to save a specific set of open files?




      I'm trying to figure out if it's possible to save a specific set of open files in Flash so that when you close the app and then reopen it, you would either see the files that were open when you closed Flash or at least have the option to select it and it woud then open those files in the order that you left them.


      Is that an option by any chance?


      With all my class files open at one time, I hate having to reload them into the order that makes sense to me every time I launch Flash.


      I was looking into the Projects panel which seems like it's in the direction of what I would like but I can't seem to find anwhere that saves open files.


      Thanks in advance for any insight into this!



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          somascope Level 3

          I don't believe this is possible with Flash - I've used Flash for a long time, and certain learn new things all the time! But Flash only has a "memory" of recently open files, and doesn't automatically open them for you.


          But, for class files, you're in luck. There's a 3rd party AS editor, FlashDevelop, that does EXACTLY that. When you launch it, it auto opens the multiple AS files you ahd open from the previous day/session. FlashDevelop is a wonderful tool to use for editing your AS (and is quicker than Flash, and does custom class introspection, where it auto-completes your own class properties & methods, as well as many other developer-friendly features).




          Here is a screen grab of what Flash Develop lloks liek for me when I open it (showing multiple class files opened yesterday, without me having to open them today)