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    Setting the default zoom

    John Ardern Smith

      We are using Form Designer 8.1.1 with Reader 8.1.1


      Whenever a form is accessed via Reader it opens with a zoom level of 177% which fills the width of the screen.


      The form user has to retset the zoom level to 67% in order to see a complete page.


      Can the zoom level be set in Form Designer so that forms always open with a zoom level of 67%?


      I have tried using this.zoom = 67; in the formready and layoutready events - but to no avail.

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          pguerett Level 6

          You have th eright idea but the wrong command ....the this in acroform (which is what that command is) refers to the document object. The this in XFA forms refers to the current object ....so to get at the document object n xfa you use event.target so the command you shoudl use is:


          evet.target.zoom = 67;


          Hope that helps



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            John Ardern Smith Level 1



            Many thanks for your response.


            Unfortunately I cannot get the command to work.

            I tried the script in both the formready and layoutready events e.g.


            form1::ready:form - (JavaScript, client)

            //  Set zoom level to 67%

                event.target.zoom = 67;



            When previewing the form in Designer the following message was displayed on the console:


            InvalidSetError: Set not possible, invalid or unknown.




            I added 'xfa.' to the the start of the line of script to read 'xfa.event.target.zoom = 67;' - but with the same result.


            To ensure that the script was correct I keyed 'event.' and a list popped up from which I was able to select 'target'.


            However, when I keyed '.' after 'event.target' and the next list popped up it did not contain 'zoom'.


            This would appear to reinforce what the error message was telling me - that zoom is not a valid option.


            What have I missed?


            Yours hopefully,



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              pguerett Level 6

              It looks like they changed things in Acrobat 10 .......if i put the code on the enter event of the page or the form then it will work when the focus is put on the page. It looks like you cannot change settings in the doc object until the form has completely loaded.