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    Another trivial question i'm afraid


      I have an xml file. I am reading from it with no problem using the service wizard.

      i have

      getDataResult.token = tCards.getData();

      and can use it




      cardnumberfive is a variable populated from an array which is shuffled.

      all is good.

      my xml file has a field "reversed" which will either hold a value of "1" or "0"

      my question is how do i write back to the file the value "1" or "0" when i want to.


      All the help files that i have read either spend a lot of time telling me that things are being used

      to supercede other things(that i have no knowledge of) or become very complex very quickly.


      my understanding was that xml was easy to use and that flash builder made it even simpler.

      I have done this in visual basic and it was very simple.


      what am i missing.


      any help would be appreciated