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    A script for adding Tags based on search result


      Hello all fellow faithfuls of InDesign!


      I am looking at a challenge with my very basic (near to none) experience of scripting, that goes like this:


      I need a script that could search through my story/selection and look for patterns (such as four digits in a row, basic RegEx stuff) and add a specific Tag-element with some specific attributes and given values that would be taken from the found pattern.


      EXAMPLE: (Searching the text below)


      Product 7352     price 23,60


      Now the script would find: 7352 and tag it [7352] and give it attributes like RecordID = 7352 and Field = PRODUCTNR

      For the price it would find the 23,60 and give it the same RecordID = 7352 and Field = PRICE.


      How would I approach something like this?