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    LiveCycle 7 JBOSS 3.2.5 - Need more detailed logging to find source of errors


      I've been assigned to figure out some issues on an installation of LiveCycle 7 JBOSS 3.2.5.


      I have good knowledge of WF 6.2 but almost none on LC!


      Previous developers are no longer available to help out and I have to figure out all kind of issues of the installation.


      At the jboss console I see errors but most of them are not at the server.log file located at C:\Adobe\LiveCycle\jboss\server\all\log nor any other log file I could figure out the cause of problem and it's solution.


      I have managed to get print screen of the console and the errors seems to be from the LC engine or jboss not custom code written.


      [Engine] StandardWrapperValue[GetChildren]: Servlet.service() for servlet GetChildren threw exception


          at webClasses.GetChildren.doGet(GetChildre.java:115)




      FATAL [JspFactoryImpl] Exception initializing page context






      Thank you