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    ublishServiceProvider.publish_fallbackNameBinding not being picked up in service panel

    clvrmnky Level 4

      I'm using publishServiceProvider.publish_fallbackNameBinding to bind the name of the publish service instance to 'fullname' as in the samples, but for some reason it is not being picked up. The text box is empty, as is the synopsis.


      If I comment out the line and accept the default, it will choose the name of the service for the text box, but there is no synopsis when closing the PublishService section. Furthermore, is is rendered fully, unlike the sample plugin, where the property binding it chooses (or you tell it to choose) is rendered slightly greyed out.


      I've tried other properties, such as "username", with the same results. I know these properties are non-nil, but I'm starting to suspect this is a timing problem, as my account panel takes a bit to refresh (I am doing at least one more REST call to a remote API to get user quota information.)


      I can still name and rename the service anything I want to, and when creating the service the panel reflects this name. It is only if I open the service again and view/edit it that the text box is empty.


      Mostly this is an annoyance, but I'd like to resolve it. Are there any techniques for getting into the Publish Service execution where it sets this stuff up, perhaps to debug or query values?


      While writing this, I just realized the sample actually iterates through the script where this is defined to something not nil, so I can probably debug into that loop to see what is going on a little. I'll still post this in case someone wants to point out something obviously wrong I'm doing.