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    Unable to print ai files from Indesign and Illustrator

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      I've tried to find my answer on other posts here, but haven't been able to.


      Background: We have CS4 and place a variety of vector maps directly from ai into our InDesign documents so they are linked. We use the similar map formats in our other files and haven't had problems in years past or until this InDesign file. This particular ID file is 290 pages and 12,492 KB which isn't much different then our other documents) these are long text documents, our 8 maps are the only graphics.


      It is only the maps in that file won't print from InDesign, Illustrator or Adobe Acrobat (9 Pro). our copier or our regular printer. All content prints and then when our map section comes up, the printer stops. (All maps print fine for our other InDesign documents that were created using the same templates) We've haven't had problems printing until now.



      We have tried with no luck:

      Exporting to a pdf (maps still wont' print from the PDF)

      Exporting the Indesign document as in Interchange and re-saving.

      Re-creating the Illustrator file

      Copying/Pasting the Illustrator file into a new document.



      Are there user preferences or memory issues that could be causing this? Any other way to check the ai file for possible corruption?


      We don't get error message prompts from illustrator or InDesign.  The programs are not crashing...the printer just doesn't print the maps. I'm wondering if splitting up that 290 page Indesign file would help, but the odd thing is our other files like this print everything just fine.


      I'm stumped. Thanks for your help!

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          MikeGondek Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          creusche wrote:

          won't print from InDesign, Illustrator

          That tells me a lot, and narrows your problem down to being in the illustrator file. When you recreated this, did you copy and paste elements from the original?


          Your file could not be printing because:

          • You have a corrupt font you are using
          • A very large amount of vector point and you are overflowing limitcheck
          • Some points are confusing the postscript interpretation (eg: 10 unconnected vector points directly on top of each other)


          Try Select >> Object >> Stray points and delete them, if they are not needed.


          Otherewise I recomend the ILLUSTRATOR CHOP SHOP TECHNIQUE

          1. In illustrator save a copy of the file
          2. Select roughly half the elements
          3. Delete them and try to print
          4. Keep doing this until the document prints
          5. Once it prints undo your last deletion and try to find the exact offending element.
          6. If you deleted everything and the document does not print, your problem would likely have been fixed by selecting all, and pasting into a fresh new illustrator document.


          The chop shop has fixed many files for me over the years, hope it solves your nonprinting problem.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Sounds like some vector data not being correctly translated to PostScript/PCL through the printer driver. The specific cause remains in the dark, of course, but could be anything from invalidly nested clipping paths to the notorious "bad font" (including possibly single dingbats in bulleted lists for instance). Even if you provided a dumped PS file (using the print to file option in teh driver), I'm afraid Gernot would be the only one to make sense of it, so this is probably not worth pursuing. The obvious thing to do would be to investigate the printer driver and possibly install newer/ different versions. Simillarly, enforcing specific options like converting all data to bitmaps might be an option, though it will make things extremel slow and could in itself cause trouble...



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              creusche Level 1

              Thanks for you help!


              I seem to have found the problem. Every map template we used to create our maps of Europe somehow got corrupted. Those are the maps that won't print. We will have to re-create part of the file to get it to work. It shouldn't be too bad to fix. Ahh....what a morning.