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    Need help upgrading my computer for video editing


      I am slowly upgrading my work computer so I can do more video editing.  I just upgraded from 6GB to 12GB of system memory.  I can’t really say I have noticed any differences when using PProCS5 or Encore.  The next step is my video card or hard drive.  I think my hard drive or even my video card may be the weak link in my system.  My system is based on a quad core i7-920 running at 4GHz, with 12GB memory and Windows 7-64.  I have 3 hard drives, each 1TB running at 7200 RPM.  I put Windows and program files on C: and I use D: for scratch and temp files, and E: for video storage.  My video card is an ATI HD4770.  Here are the results of my Win Experience Index (WEI):

      Processor = 7.7
      Ram = 7.8
      Graphics = 7.2
      Gaming Graphics = 7.2
      Primary Hard Drive = 5.9

      By the results my HD needs to be upgraded, but I am not going to replace 3TB of HD’s with 3TB’s of solid state drives.  Instead, I may consider a new video card.  I am not into paying $800 for a video card, so may settle for a GeForce 470 which sells for about $279.  Anybody like to help me decide if this will make the editing a smoother operation.  My workflow is listed below.

      My video files are from an AVHCD camera and are about 60-90 minutes long and are in MTS files.  I use MTSMerger to import and convert into one file.  That takes about 10 minutes to do.  I then open in PProCS5 and it processes conforming audio and video.  This takes just a few minutes.  Then I trim some of the video and add a post roll and save as FLV flash file.  Then I go back and dynamic link the whole video to Encore.  I add menus and other things, then transcode.  This is the largest time waster as it will take about as long as the video.  That is, a 90 minute video takes about 90 minutes to transcode.  Then I burn the DVD and am done.