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    How do I create a kerberos ticket using coldfusion

    jbird5k Level 1

      I have 3 apps on our intra net that require authentication and would like to use kerberos to accomplish this. This is my set up.


      users log in to the network and authenticate via active directory (all windows based) , Our web apps are on a box running solaris 10, weblogic app server, cf 9 and oracle 11g.  A group of our web apps on this sever require users to authenticate through oracle (not the web / app server).


      I can authenticate with kerberos via a putty session on the server with no problems.


      USEING COLDFUSION, how do i request a kerberos ticket and pass the necessary credentials to authenticate.?


      can this be done.?


      I am looking for a CODE SAMPLE OF HOW DO THIS IN A UNIX environment  NOT WINDOWS.


      I appologize for the frustrated tone of this post. However, after a week of reading documentation til my eyes bleed, to end up chasing my tail with no truly help info............